Genealogy Fan, Graveyard Maintenance, Concerned Loved One...

"Easily and Safely Lift -By Yourself- 16,000 lb Tombstones and Monuments Using The One of A Kind  *Tombstone JackTM* And Make Your Work 1000% Quicker!"

This Product Will Literally Change The Way You Approach Monument and Tombstone Work Let Me Explain...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to straighten your family's tilted gravestone monument?  Have you ever wanted to start a business helping family's that would like this service?  Would you like to be able to do this without the heavy equipment and cranes that are normally involved?

The Andersen family is just like you.  John invented the first Tombstone JackTM and he and his family have been inventing useful tools for decades. Wanting to fix the leaning of tombstones for his own family and friends they set out on investigating the options on how to move such heavy pieces of stone.

Maybe you have gone down the same road and found the hassle way to much.  Or maybe you have just begun to consider that this needs to be addressed.  In reality it is so much easier to level a tilting monument before it falls over.  And with the continued interest in genealogy and the preservation of our history and historical monuments the need became quite evident that there must to be a better way!

Failing Health And Lack Of Strength Made Considering Using A Pry-bar Out Of The Question ...

Seeing some people attempt to lift heavy tombstones using a pry-bar just made me scared for their safety and mine (if I were to attempt that). Not to mention the potential for damage to the monument itself.  I don't have the strength to both push down on a lever as well and try and get something under the monument and prop it up.  I was really fearful that I would get a foot trapped or a hand crushed!

I needed a way to easily and safely level my grandparents tombstone without risking my health. Here's what I was looking for:

  • A way to lift my grandparents tombstone safely for me and the monument.
  • Ability to level the gravestone so that it wouldn't be at risk of falling over.
  • Help some friends and family to do the same for their deceased loved ones.

Searching Came Up With Nothing That Would Work... So Into Invention Mode...

You have heard the old adage that 'necessity is the mother of invention', well this is certainly a poster child for that saying!

After trial & error, this system was able to help family, friends, and colleagues that have the same problems. And now, you are about to understand the *Secret Weapon* that you and your family can use to lift and level tombstones, grave markers and monuments.

Introducing The Tombstone JackTM

The Tombstone JackTM is UNIQUE in that even a young woman can lift 10,000 lbs or more all by herself.  The system is easy to use and can help you level a monument in less than 30 minutes.

  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #1 - Compact and lightweight (can fit in the trunk of your car)!
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #2 - Fully adaptable to projects of various sizes.
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #3 - Eliminates the need for heavy equipment

So How Easy Is It To Use The Tombstone JackTM?

Using the Tombstone Jack system means that you can lift, level and replace monuments and gravestones (as well as many other heavy objects) with confidence and safety.  One person can easily  operate the Tombstone Jack and needs no more strength than it takes to lift a single piece of the system.

"As a historical society volunteer, I couldn't be happier with the time we have been able to save using the Tombstone JackTM to preserve gravestones in our county."

- Joey K.

There Are More Benefits If You Buy The Tombstone JackTM ...

  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #1 - Makes monument repair and stabilization a one person job (two people if you like company).
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #2 - Complete system weighs only about 185 lbs!
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #3 - All the parts are replaceable in case of loss or damage.
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #4 - Allows anyone to start a new business.
  • Tombstone JackTM Benefit #5 - Increases profits as the time savings allow more work to be done and have it done incredibly fast.
  • And Many More ...

The Tombstone JackTM At Work

Here we see the Tombstone Jack in action using the clamping system!  Super easy and fast!


This is a current version of the Tombstone Jack using the four lift feet.



Watch John as he levels the gravestone monument using the first version of the Tombstone JackTM.


The Tombstone JackTM Is Made In America!


You can have confidence in the super quality and workmanship that goes into each Tombstone JackTM as each one is hand crafted right here is America.

So What Is Included With The Tombstone JackTM?

Tombstone JackTM TJ3000

Beams: 2" x 2" x ¼" wall x 48" length with .640 holes on 2" centers.  Quantity: 2

Jacks: 7000 lbs capacity, 15" lift, custom gusseted horizontal beam mount tube. Quantity: 4

Lift Foot: 2½"x2½"x3/16"x3¼" Horizontal tube, 2"x2"x12" square tube, 5"x5"x½" foot, 2 ton capacity. Quantity: 4

Heavy Duty Rubber Grips: 4 ⅜" square x ¾", attach to K bracket using welded ⅝" stud and nut.  Quantity: 4

Clamp Assembly Screw: 1¼" diameter screw, tighten/loosen with your ½" ratchet.  Quantity: 2

Safety Strap:  Quantity: 1

How Do I Find Work For My New Tombstone JackTM?


We will provide you with flyers similar to the one shown in our webinars with your contact information to give you a great start!  We are also happy to speak with you personally on the phone and discuss the ways that many of our clients are finding work.


How Much Is The Tombstone JackTM?

You get everything for the complete Tombstone Jack system.

Tombstone Jack System

System Price (MSRP)



Web Discount

TJ Complete System





Special Sale Price $3998


Based on the total values above, we can easily sell the Tombstone Jack for OVER $5000! There has been so much money and time spent in developing the Tombstone Jack.

However, as a special for you right now we won't charge you that price.

You only need to pay $5000 $4600 $4300 $3998 for the TJ complete system if you act fast. We can't keep this sale price for long so order yours today!


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Always be safe when working with heavy monuments that you are trying to lift, hoist, repair and restore.  Monuments often are just set stone on stone without any type of bonding between them.  So be extra careful when pushing on a grave marker that could tip over.  Please use the lifting feet when working with monuments over 2000 lbs.


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* shipping is within the continental USA. If outside the lower 48 states please call for a quote on shipping. 


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