Join the reEvolution

Raise funds for your cemetery

vision for the future

Fix what is broken

All the monuments and headstones in your cemetery can be repaired and restored.

We can help you with fundraising so that you can provide the beauty and respect that your community deserves.  We can provide you with banners (like the sample below) and other materials to help you accomplish your goals.

Honor Memories

Preserve our past

Tombstone Jack lifting headstone

Lifting & Leveling Safely

Monuments can become unstable and dangerous when they start to tip.

Young woman lifting heavy monument by herself using the Tombstone Jack

Simple Solutions Everyday

Our custom technology and tools allow even young people to help in your cemetery.


Volunteer Education

Help train local volunteers to maintain your cemetery for years to come.


Plan, Fundraise, Fix, Repeat

Finding the ideal solution is never just a one-time event.

We can work with you for as long as you need to keep your cemetery in the best state possible.  Thus reflecting the true nature of your community.

Show me your Cemetery, and I will tell you the character of your community.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Founding Father


We can help your cemetery raise the needed funds to repair and restore your monuments.

Project Assistance

At Tombstone Jack we have the equipment and expertise to help you succeed.

Cemetery Outreach

Build events around your cemetery and promote its beautification.

Long-term Planning

Scheduled donations and forward thinking activies.

Our solutions

Fundraising & Services for your cemetery

Beautify your space.

clean tech

Our service is quiet and discreet

Utilizing green battery powered heavy wheelbarrows.

We specialize in heavy lifting.


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Cleaner energy

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Beautification & Headstone Leveling

Your cemetery can be next.  Hire Tombstone Jack to do your heavy lifting.

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