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The Tombstone Jack is manufactured and is owned by Elite Products and Services LLC (EPS Manufacturing) of Gallatin, MO.

EPS Manufacturing

We are a company founded on strong traditional values of work smart and utilize technology. At EPS Manufacturing we build it right the first time and if we fail, we get it right the next time. We can do hard things, and we do all the time.

Founder Michael Andersen was taught somewhat in all the learning of his father and his mother. Plus along life’s journey there have been many wonderful people that have taught correct principles and helped to be a guide in his life; to which he says to one and all, “Thank you” for loving me and helping me to learn and become the man I am today!

The people that work at EPS are amazing dreamers, full of diligence, honesty, and integrity. Therefore we choose to work with customers that uphold these values!

Our corporate office in Missouri is where all the action takes place from concept, design and finished product. It’s where you can mail, meet, or call us with anything regarding our products or your contract manufacturing needs.

We work with the best people to ensure customer satisfaction, earning trust with quality products, and building life-long business relationships. Our sales department is just a phone call or email away.

If your request involves checking our facilities, we’ll be glad to facilitate. Just give us a call.

EPS Elite Products and Services, LLC
709 W Ogden St.
Gallatin, MO  64640
Manufacturing: 660-605-0259

OFFER CODE: C18GAU (Use this when you call to be extended the latest special pricing!)

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