A 16 Year Old Girl and the Tombstone Jack – Monument Lifting Device

What kind of a monument lifting device could allow a 16-year-old girl to lift a 9600 lb monument? And to do it in just a few minutes?

TJ3000 Systems
Monument lifting device used to straighten a leaning headstone using a type of monument jack called the Tombstone Jack.

In 56 minutes we loaded up the Tombstone Jack TM, shovel and wheel barrel, drove to the cemetery, leveled two monuments, drove back home and unloaded the tools!

From the picture above you can see how easy it was for this 16-year-old girl to lift and level a 9600 lb monument.  She was using just part of the TJ3000 system.

This monument was sunk over 5 inches into the ground and in less than 30 minutes was level and secure for years to come.


Take a look at our sale going on now! Pick up your own Tombstone Jack TM and make your life just that much better!  If you have ever considered the need for a monument lifting device, this is a great time to buy.


See the Tombstone Jack in action!  There is no other monument lifting device out there that can do everything that the Tombstone Jack can do!

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